Fiaccole di Natale, Abbadia di San Salvatore( Siena). In the eight century it was traditional in the villages where the Abbey sits today to celebrate the vigil of Christmas by burning pyres of wood. Today’s inhabitants of the area still gather together with torches which remain lit all night in the roads of the historic centre in commemoration of this. San Salvatore

During the period of Christmas Tuscany comes alive with festivals and Christmas markets where Arts and Crafts and typical regional produce come together. In every province of the region you will find ancient religious rituals, you will be able to sample the local sweet breads and cakes and be able to buy ideal stocking fillers for the Christmas tree.


New Years Eve is a big event all around Tuscany.  Wherever you go you will be aware of the noise of the fireworks and of the gun shots of the hunters. This is a very old superstition of this part of Italy:  you hunt down the ghosts of the old year to welcome the ones of the new one to come.

Pitti Immagine, Firenze:a number of fashion events are held  in Fortezza da Bassa where the most famous designers of Italian Moda present their new collections.


Carnival, Viareggio(Lu): it was 1873 when the carnival started in this city in Italy. The story tells that it was initiated when a group of wealthy men masked their faces and descended to the squares of the town in protest against taxes.

Towards the end of the XIX century the carnival became an important event with the start of the building of special carriages to display the masks travelling the roads of Viareggio.

But it was in 1925 with the invention of paper mache that the event reached huge proportions. With this new material it was possible to build big structures of incredible lightness, beauty and colour.