Period costume football, Florence. This is a match played between the four historic boroughs of the city and the final is played on the 24th of June. There is an evocative procession of the group called Repubblica Fiorentina with five hundred and thirty participants all dressed in renaissance costume.

Estate Fiesolana, Fiesole (Florence). This is the oldest outdoors festival of music, theatre, dance and cinema in Italy. It originated in1911 and the event is made even more special by the Teatro Romano where it takes place.

Regata di San Ranieri, Pisa. On the 17th of June a regata in period costume is organised on the river Arno. The participants and their fleet are decorated with the colours of the four boroughs of the city of Pisa in memory of the Maritime Republic of Pisa.

Gioco del Ponte, Pisa. This game of the Bridge rotates round two significant moments: the historic procession on the Lungarni and the battle on the Ponte di Mezzo. The two teams are the rival factions of the town. The event takes place on the last Saturday of June.


Corsa del Palio, Siena. This is the best known of all the events that takes place in Tuscany. It occurs on the second of July and the sixteenth of August. This race has obscure origins but the first Palio recorded with horses was in 1644. The jockeys in the race come from the seventeen districts into which the town of Siena has been divided since the 7th Century.

Pistoia Blues, Pistoia. Well known blues festival of a week’s duration. Started in 1980, this festival is an authentic party which takes over the whole town, not just the square of the Duomo.

Settimana Musicale Senese, Siena. For the whole duration of this week of music in Siena, considered one of the oldest in Italy, the players from the Accademia Musicale Chigiana execute Chamber Music in enchanted settings, like the Palazzo Chigi-Saraceni.


Festival Pucciniano, Torre del Lago( Lucca). During this festival one can enjoy the masterpiece of the composer Puccini. The festival mainly takes place in the Grande Teatro ( which is an open arena) near Lake Massaciuccoli but also in other locations which inspired the maestro and his immortal melodies.

Rodeo della Rosa, Alberese( Grosseto). This trial of equestrian abilities is played by the Butteri divided into two teams: the Yellow Rose and the Red Rose. The winner is the team which conquers the highest number of the roses of their adversary. Every 15th of August.

Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte, Montepulciano( Siena) This prestigious festival under the direction of the composer Hans Werner Henze presents every year the new works of famous composers, dramatists and choreographers.

Festa della Bistecca, Cortona( Arezzo) Festival of the Chianina steak. This is organised every 14th of August and it certainly is one of the oldest village feasts in Tuscany. A huge quantity of this local speciality gets grilled on a griddle which is more than fourteen metres long!

Il Baccanale Montepulciano( Siena). Taking place on the last Sunday of August, this festival celebrates the grape harvest of what will become the Nobile di Montepulciano, the famous local wine.