olio-Campo-di-Torri-lightTuscany has been since time immemorial a region of small agricultural produce of exceptional quality. These are the fruits of the millennia of co-operation between man and soil, fruits of hard work and of the joy of realizing and sharing a great final product. Although we sacrifice a bigger product by so doing we anticipate the harvest of the olives so as to get the fruit in the prime of their quality. We harvest only by hand using the ancient method – brucatura-(grazing) , which harms neither the tree nor the fruit, handed down over the generations. To exalt the quality of the product we take the olives immediately to the olive-presser (frantoio). We wash them in limpid water and immediately cold press them. By these simple means do we prepare our masterpiece: an organic extra virgin olive oil with its own unique harmonious fusion of taste and colour, renowned for its excellence.

The Azienda Agricola Il Casellino is an entirely organic farm certified by ICEA situated in Torri, two kilometres west of Rignano sull’Arno in the province of Firenze 350 metres above sea level.

The land , originally part of the Abbazia di Santa Maria Vallombrosa, has been known since 1586 as land dedicated to the production of grapes and olives.

On top of the production of the organic extra virgin olive oil of very high quality the farm is dedicated also to the rediscovery of ancient fruits and the rescuing of animals on the verge of extinction like the black chicken of Valdarno, the historic symbol of the area of Chianti.